Welcome to the QCovid® risk calculator


PLEASE NOTE: This implementation of the QCovid risk calculator is NOT intended for use supporting or informing clinical decision-making. It is ONLY to be used for academic research, peer review and validation purposes, and it must NOT be used with data or information relating to any individual. For full terms and conditions please see the Academic Licence. For any other use cases, please contact enquiries@innovation.ox.ac.uk quoting reference 17939.

Welcome to the academic reference implementation of QCovid.

QCovid® is an evidence-based model that uses a range of factors such as age, sex, ethnicity and existing medical conditions to predict risk of death or hospitalisation from COVID-19.

It provides nuanced information on people’s risk of serious illness due to COVID-19 and has the potential to help patients and doctors reach a shared understanding of risk.

It is a 'living' risk prediction model which will be updated regularly as our understanding of COVID-19 increases and more data become available.

All medical decisions relating to the QCovid® score need to be taken by a patient in consultation with their doctor. This is an academic reference calculator and the University of Oxford accept no responsibility for clinical use or misuse of the score.